About Artezia


Artezia began commercially offering water bottled from our pure water source in the Floridan aquifer in 2002. The source of our pure water is nestled in a remote rural area in Holmes County, Florida far away from the effects of industrial or agricultural activities. Equal distance from Dothan, Marianna, and DeFuniak Springs, we draw pure water from our artesian source in the Floridan aquifer which has been in our family for over 60 years. The Floridan aquifer is one of the oldest, deepest and purest aquifers in the southeastern United States.  Our source only contains calcium and magnesium. In our water these minerals exist in their most easily absorbed and soluble state. These minerals are necessary for good health.  This source has been in our family since 1948 but was not commercially developed until 2002. It has provided water to the Bonifay community and surrounding area during times of distress such as hurricanes and major power losses for decades.  But we know that clean, pure drinking water isn’t just for emergencies.  We want you to be able to enjoy it everyday, and that’s why we work to make bottled water delivery convenient and affordable!